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Choose from the following events or make a proposal of your own

Business party

Whether it's a company or a Christmas party, there's nothing better to entertain your employees or colleagues with a good-class magical show.

During your party, the guests and you become part of the magic. Also suitable for Teambuilding.


An important life event that is never forgotten. So why not glorify that more yet.

Are you thinking about how to fill a gap between taking the wedding pictures? Do not know how guests who do not know each other will react? The Magician at your Wedding will solves all your worries and makes show.

Bachelor Party

Are you tired of a stripper or a stripper? Try another fun! The Magician for your Bachelor Party is the right choice in the 21st Century.

Trade Fairs

Do you want your booth to be unique and your business partners to remember it forever?

The magician operate at your booth and entertine surroundings, or maybe your new business partners. You can never know who I am entertaining and blowing their mind.

Maybe they are your new business partners…


Do you have a birthday party or other special event in the family? Don't you know what present should you give to your closest ones?

Try a professional Magician for your celebration who will entertain all guests.


Are you organizing a festival and you want to have something extra there?

Every festival has relax-zones, where people talk togehter. This is where my performance perfectly fits, where I will entertain all the attendees. For example frequented cooperation with the Majáles festival organizators.


Are you organizing the ball? Do you want to entertain guests during the breaks between dancing?

Do your legs hurt yet from dancing and you want to relax and have fun?

The ideal opportunity to use the services of the Magician.


Is there any other event or place for the Magician?

Do you want to introduce a new product to your clients? Do you want to invite your friends to the tavern? Do you want to have fun just home in the garden? The Magician fits in a lot of places. It depends where you want to have fun!

Do not hesitate to contact me and I will arrange a customized program for you.


The price will be set for you according to the scope of your event

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